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EA-5209 EA-5209


The Robertshaw SRT Thermostats (also called Hydraulic) were designed for use in conventional electric ovens. The “SRT” means single range thermostat, referring to the single operating range of temperature this model uses for bake and broil. For this, the SRT employs a double pole single throw switch actuated by the hydraulic temperature sensitive bulb.

Shaft rotation is clockwise to increase temperature. The SRT thermostat does not have a positive “OFF” position. At the lowest setting, 150°F, it is in a “warm” position. The oven is turned on and off by a separate switch.

The operating temperature rating of the switch body is 221°F (105°C). The length of the capillary tube between the switch mechanism and the sensing bulb can be anywhere between 30" and 80". The operating temperature rating of the sensing bulb is 550°F (288°C) due to the type of hydraulic oil used.

Electrical Rating21 Amp @ 240 VAC

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ReplacesGE Service WB00X0273, WB21X5209, Gen. Electric 261D-0957-G004, G021, G025, G030, 271-1030-01
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